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As large as Dallas is, would you believe that the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine Texas is the only Hotel in the Dallas Tx area with an Indoor Water Park? You would think that in a location with such a large population, that attracts so many visitors each year, there would be plenty to go around but that is not the case. So if you are looking for a hotel that offers inside Water Fun, the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine Texas would be your best option.

Available Suites

There is one room that offers a Jacuzzi Suite and that is the Whirlpool Suite. Some of the cheaper Suites, like the Family or Queen Sofa Suite, are not much more than a regular hotel room. You do get a separation between the Sleeping and Living areas but you do not get a Kitchen with your stay. The larger Suites give you a lot of additional space with the ability to sleep up to 8 guests and also have separate sleeping areas. Some of the rooms have the option to include a balcony while others have a small loft area. All in all, the rooms are designed to give you a cabin feel and give you plenty of space to move around.

Room Amenities:

The Whirlpool Suite at the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine comes with a King Bed and Sofa Bed to Accommodate 4. Other Amenities include Free Waterpark Passes, Free Internet, Free Parking, Huge Room (544 Sq ft), Fridge and Microwave.

More Details

Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine Reviews


It might come as a surprise when looking through the reviews. Many people absolutely love this place and would continue to come back while others had the worst experience ever and would only come back for their kids. For the positives, guests really like having Indoor and Outdoor water parks for their kids. Rooms are mixed but those who got suites seemed to be happier with their stay.


Be sure to read the latest reviews if you are going to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Guests have a really mixed bag of comments along the way. Kids seem to have a good time and the water parks are nice. Many guests complain about the continuous cost factor along the way. Those who like the Resort seem to love it but anyone who does not has a long review to explain why.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 46%
Average - 18%
Below Average - 36%

Take some time and look at the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine TripAdvisor Reviews to see all of the latest and up to date reviews.

* Rating Levels were created from TripAdvisor information at the time of adding this property. Please check the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine TripAdvisor Reviews to see if any changes to the ratings have changed before booking.

Staying at this property is nice if you have kids, adults-only, not so much:

(Unless you wanted to enjoy the water park yourself – If so, I wouldn’t blame you!) This is an Indoor/Outdoor Water Park Resort. Most people who stay here have kids. If you are not looking for this type of atmosphere, you might want to check out the properties with In-Room Jacuzzi and Whirlpools near DFW Airport. DFW is only approximately 6 miles away from Great Wolf Lodge.

Rates and Reviews:

To be honest, this is a 3.5-star property with luxury prices, and rarely will you find a deal. In fact, I’ve never found a good deal on this hotel and I’ve been in the travel industry for over 15 years. You are paying for water park amenities that can be used all year-round. So, unfortunately, you will typically pay anywhere from $200 to over $500 nightly, depending on the room and time of year.

If the expense of the Great Wolf Lodge is a little more than you can afford, you might want to book the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites off of I-35. Just 14.5 miles up the road from the Great Wolf Lodge, they have Whirlpool Suites that might meet your needs (ask for the refundable Executive Room with 1 King bed or 2 Queens). The rates are anywhere from $105 to $150ish nightly. Or, if you are considering the Great Wolf Lodge be sure to take a closer look at the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine TripAdvisor Reviews and see what others are saying about this full of fun property. They have very mixed reviews overall.

Rustic but really not

A rustic appearance but not a rustic stay when you visit the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine Tx Suites close to the DFW airport. This resort offers so much that the others do not, including an Indoor and Outdoor Water Park, Ropes Course, and a large arcade to play in. You will not find these types of amenities anywhere else around Dallas. You have the option of staying in a Standard Suite, which is not much more than a regular Hotel Room or you can bump yourself up to one of the more accommodating Family Suites. All of the locations have bedding and furniture that feels a little more like staying at a log cabin and not a regular resort.

Standard, Themed or Premium Suite

As mentioned before, the standard suites are not much more than a hotel room. If you step up to the Themed or Premium Suites, you can get a lot more. Do you have young kids? They might like the Wolf Den, KidKamp®, or KidCabin® Suite with an enclosed area having bunk beds that separate them from the main area of the room. Understand that these are not actually rooms but more of an enclosure for them, and you, to have a little more privacy in your visit.

In the mood for some romance? If so, the Whirlpool Suite might be a better option. Maybe not the best decision to get this room with the kids in tow but if you get a couple of days to yourself and want to stay somewhere different, this could be a great option. Most of the Themed Suites support having anywhere from 4 -6 guests in each room. If you need more space than that, the premium suites are a better option.

Suites with Kitchen?

None of these Suites have a Kitchenette or a Kitchen in them. The closest you can get to this is the Majestic Bear Suite that comes with a large wet bar. Although you will not be cooking any large meals here, they do have a big table and seating for 6 people around the bar table. If you get something out, at least you have a place to sit down and enjoy it with everyone in the family.

Many more things to do

What else is there to do at the Grapevine Great Wolf Lodge? The easy answer would be, Plenty! From a giant ropes course to the kids’ favorite, MagiQuest® where you purchase a wand setup for each individual child to unlock a magical world designed throughout the resort. On top of that, the family can also take in the large Game Room and even target each other in a friendly game of Lazer Frenzy.


One of the biggest complaints among guests are the slow, crowded Elevators. Staying on the first floor can keep you from having to deal with this frustration but the first floor also gets the most traffic and therefore is the noisiest floor to stay on.

Indoor Water Park at Great Wolf in Grapevine

If you want some fun and excitement during your trip to Dallas, check out the Indoor Water Park. The Great Wolf Lodge is only minutes north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and makes for a very nice stay, especially if you are looking to spend some quality time with the kids. They will love the Indoor Water Park and if it is nice outside, they will also have the option of playing in the Outdoor Water Park as well.

An Indoor Water Park can be nice

So you are going to Grapevine Tx, right outside of Dallas where it is known to be really hot for most of the year. Why would you want to go to a resort with an Indoor Water Park? There are a number of reasons that I can think of. On really hot days, you might just want some shade and get out of the heat of the sun for a while. What if a big storm rolls through, your kids will be thrilled that they still get to frolic and play in the water even when it is bad weather outside. If you have not been to Grapevine in the Winter, you might be surprised at just how chilly it can be. Over the past years, they have actually been hit with a number of ice storms.

Family Fun for All

When you include the Indoor Water Park at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine with the Outdoor Water Park, you have well over 80,000 Square feet of water play area. The Indoor area has Attractions like large water slides, a nice lazy river, and even a wave pool. Add to this a large Kiddie Splash zone with a 1,000-gallon tipping bucket to drench all who walk beneath it. So, have a look at all of the fun you can have with your family on a trip to the Indoor Water Park at the Great Wolf Lodge.


You can get everything you need to keep yourself from getting hungry at one of the many restaurants. The Loose Moose Cottage has a little bit of everything and is served in a Buffet-Style arrangement. There are also a number of Quick Dining options by the Water Parks so you don’t have to leave the fun you are having. To see a full list of dining areas around the resort check out the Quick Facts about the Great Wolf Lodge Dallas.

How far to walk?

If you want the quickest route to the Water Parks, you can ask for a room that is closer to the front section of the building. If you are looking for a little more quiet, stay on the upper floors. It will take longer to get to the fun amenities but you will sleep better at night.

Is there much of a difference in Price?

Well, the bigger the room, normally, the nicer so expect to pay a little more when you stay in the Themed or Premium Suites. If you want to keep the cost down and you will not be in your room much anyway, just get one of the Standard Suites and spend your money elsewhere. As you read the reviews, the Great Wolf Lodge is going to be trying to get it everywhere you turn anyway.

All of the Suite Facts are available in an easy to read list format.

Please note the information and fees provided can change without notice, however, was accurate when published. To confirm all details you will need to check directly with the properties in question before completing your vacation planning.
Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine

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