There are a lot of very nice 4 Star Hotels in Dallas Tx but not quite as many offering a Jacuzzi or Deep Soaking Tub. We will be looking the the great Hotels around the Dallas area that meet both of these criteria.

What makes a 4 Star Hotel in Dallas Texas

If we were to do a poll on what people think they are getting when they stay at a 4 Star Hotel, most of them reply that it is how nice it is and maybe even based on the reviews that each hotel gets. There are times, when I think the reviews of a location would be a better determining factor when showing a Star Rating but that is not what officially makes a hotel a 4 Star Property. In order to be held at this level, there are certain amenities that must be in place. The 4 Star hotels will have a very nice Front Desk and offer the services of a Bellhop. Service is held at a very high regard and that is why you do not find many 4 Star Properties that do not have well trained staff. Dining facilities must be at the location so you can dine in comfort if desired without stepping foot out of the building. You will also find that most 4 Stars have a Concierge on hand to help you with Directions and booking reservations if they are needed. I have also found that most 4 Star Locations have either an Onsite Spa or Golf Course. Since it takes a certain amount of funds to maintain a Spa or Golf course, the hotels that fall in this category are normally at the top of the list of being great properties to stay at.

What are the 4 Star Hotels in Dallas Texas?

W Dallas Victory Hotel

I am not sure if it is possible to stay at a Hotel in Dallas that is more Hip, Modern and Chic than the W Dallas Victory Hotel. The Lobby is lit with purple colors flowing down the outer walls while opulent blue is seen throughout the hotel as a contrasting theme. The style is fantastic and clean while the rooms are Soft with Crisp lines and beautifully styled Bathrooms. You will find that the Cool Corner Room, Wow Suite and E-Wow Suites all offer Deep Soaking Tubs for additional enjoyment.

The Westin Dallas Galleria

Every thought that went into the design of the Westin Dallas Galleria was on its guests and the consideration of making a calming place to visit and relax. The rooms are elegant but not overdone while the Suites are situated to give you the best while also increasing the amount of living space. The Sky Room is one you should check out if your are having a Romantic Stay. With its Deep Soaking Tub that is also a sunken tub. As far as we can tell, it is the only room in Dallas that offers a Sunken Tub.

Hotel ZaZa

The Hotel ZaZa in Dallas is a special Boutique Hotel in Uptown Dallas. There are standard Guest Rooms that still present themselves as something that you would not find at a normal hotel but then there are the Suites. No one else has Suites like the ZaZa. To say that they stand out would be an understatement. For something truly unique, try the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas.

Considerations when staying at a 4 Star Hotel in Dallas

As mentioned earlier, in order to be a 4 Star Property, each of these hotels have onsite Dining. This can be an option to try if you would like but staying in such a large city affords you many Restaurants that you will not find back home. If you are staying for multiple days, check with your concierge and see what they recommend for the type of dining you are looking for.

Hotels in Dallas Texas that have a 4 Star Rating