If you are visiting the Dallas area and need additional space, check out the 2 Bedroom Hotel Suite in Dallas Tx. Many times, it is nice to have the additional bedroom is you are traveling with your family and would like to have some private time to yourself. Having one bedroom for the Kids and another for your special someone, makes a lot of sense at this point, doesn’t it?

2 Bedroom Dallas Hotel Suite with Jacuzzi

Normally, when you are looking for a Romantic spot, you are not planning to bring the kids along but there are times, when visiting for Business or maybe a family trip, where that is not an option. Because of this, there are not many 2 Bedroom Suites in Dallas that offer that extra special amenity, like a Jacuzzi or Deep Soaking Tub. In fact, based on the number of hotels available in Dallas Tx, you will probably be surprised at how few of them offer a 2 Bedroom Suite option at all.

Which Hotels have 2 Bedroom Suites?

Hotel ZaZa

Staying at the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas can be an experience like no other. When they say that this is a Boutique Hotel, they should also include how unique the rooms are, and these are only the more standard Guestrooms. If you are interested in stepping up to the Suites at the Hotel, well, I can tell you that you have probably never stayed anywhere else like it. Each of the Suites have a Distinctive name to display how rare this occasion can be. There are only a few 2 Bedroom Suites at this Hotel in Uptown Dallas but they are truly amazing. The price on these Suites are very high. Be prepared to spend a lot of money if you stay at this hotel.

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is one of the 5 Star Hotels in Dallas, so be prepared to stay at one of the Best Hotels in the Dallas area if your stay here. You will not find any shortcuts at this grand Mansion and you will want to come back again and again. There are only 3 options available to accommodate 2 Bedroom Suites at the Rosewood. In order to do this, you must book one of the three Master Suites that connect to a Deluxe or Premier Room. These 2 Areas combined will give you the necessary 2 Bedroom Suite you are looking for.

The Westin Dallas Galleria

As you walk into The Westin Dallas Galleria, you realize that you have stepped into a special place. The clean, crisp lines lend themselves to the upscale sophistication that Guests have come to expect from this hotel. If you are looking for a 2 Bedroom Suite in Dallas Tx, the Westin Dallas might have just what you need. If you try to book a 2 Bedroom Suite, they will tell you that you have to get the Luxury Suite and ad-don a second connecting King Bedroom. The Suites are very large and are also have a very modern feel to them.

Hotels in Dallas Tx with 2 Bedroom Suite Considerations

Most of the Hotels in Dallas that offer a 2 Bedroom Suite option are very expensive. If you are looking for additional space in a Hotel visit but can’t spend the money that it takes to get one of the others mentioned, the other alternative would be to book a Homewood Suite in the Dallas Area. Most of the Homewood Suite hotels offer a couple of 2 Bedroom Suite options and the cost is a fraction of the more expensive Hotels mentioned. They are also not as Luxurious and they do not have a Deep Soaking tub or Jacuzzi.

Hotels in Dallas Texas with 2 Bedroom Suites