The area that became the West End originally consisted merely of a trading post. In July 1872, the Houston & Texas Central Railroad arrived in downtown, attracting producing corporations whose warehouses would come back to outline the design of the West finish.

The district reached nationwide prominence within the Sixties, however, when President John F. Kennedy was shot in its Dealey Plaza. The district’s economy was struggling, with several businesses leaving town center for suburban locations after this.

As Downtown Dallas’ skyline was changing and history was being demolished native developer Preston Carter Jr. revitalized the West finish Historic District to preserve history in June 1976. recent warehouses and different brick buildings were converted to restaurants and outlets. The West finish is one among the higher urban areas in Dallas because of the set-up of the historic district.

Today, over seven million folks visit the West End annually, creating it one among the city’s leading tourist attractions. The West End Marketplace, a vast mall/entertainment closed its doors on 6/30/2006 but the event in Victory Park to the north could spur a re-birth.

The annual style of Dallas was once the placement of the West finish and liberal to the general public. In 2010, it had been moved to truthful try and currently charges admission.

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