Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine Tx Suites

A rustic appearance but not a rustic stay when you visit the Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine Tx Suites close to the DFW airport. This resort offers so much that the others do not include an Indoor and Outdoor Water Park, Ropes Course, and a large arcade to play in. You will not find these types of amenities anywhere else around Dallas. You have the option of staying in a Standard Suite, which is not much more than a regular Hotel Room or you can bump yourself up to one of the more accommodating Family Suites. All of the locations have bedding and furniture that feels a little more like staying at a log cabin and not a regular resort.

Standard, Themed or Premium Suite

As I mentioned before, the standard suites are not much more than a hotel room but if you step up to the Themed or Premium, you can get a lot more. If you have young kids, they might like the Wolf Den, KidKamp® or KidCabin® Suite with an enclosed area having bunk beds that separate them from the main area of the room. Understand that these are not actually rooms but more of an enclosure for them, and you, to have a little more privacy in your visit. In the mood for some romance? If so, the Whirlpool Suite might be a better option. I am not sure if I would get this room with the kids in tow but if you get a couple of days to yourself and want to stay somewhere different, this could be a great option. Most of the Themed Suites support having anywhere from 4 -6 guests in each room. If you need more space than that, the premium suites are a better option.

Suites with Kitchen?

None of these Suites have a Kitchenette or a Kitchen in them. The closest you can get to this is the Majestic Bear Suite that comes with a large wet bar. Although you will not be cooking a large meal here, they do have a big table and seating for 6 people around the bar table. If you get something out, at least you have a place to sit down and enjoy it with everyone in the family.

How far to walk?

If you want the quickest route to the Water Parks, you can ask for a room that is closer to the front section of the building. If you are looking for a little more quiet, stay on the upper floors. It will take longer to get to the fun amenities but you will sleep better at night.

Is there much of a difference in Price?

Well, the bigger the room, normally, the nicer so expect to pay a little more when you stay in the Themed or Premium Suites. If you want to keep the cost down and you will not be in your room much anyway, just get one of the Standard Suites and spend your money elsewhere. As you read the reviews, the Great Wolf Lodge is going to be trying to get it everywhere you turn anyway.

All of the Suite Facts are available in an easy to read list format.

Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine

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